Dog Walking

Schedule daily walks for your pup when you’re on vacation, at work or unable to make it home. Our licensed and bonded Staten Island dog walkers offer 30-minute, 45 minute, or hour long solo or group walks, depending on availability. We even offer doggie running for active dogs that really need to burn off energy. During our visit our professional dog walkers can also feed your pet, play, or provide other basic care at no extra cost to you. For your peace of mind, all of our Staten Island pet sitters are bonded, reference checked, background-checked and insured. We even use professional scheduling systems so you never have to worry if your pet is receiving care while you are away from home. Plus you can call or text your pet sitter whenever and as often as you like to check in!

Pet Boarding or Doggie Day Care

Board your dogs or cats cage-free with one of our professional pet sitters. Your dog or cat will be cared for in a loving home and treated as part of the family! We will keep him on the same routine that he is used to at home, so if he gets 5 walks a day, he will get his 5 walks a day with us too! It’s your rules at our house.. so if your doggie sleeps in bed with you at night he is welcome to snuggle with us in our bed! If you prefer that he stays off the bed and couch then we will do that for you as well. Our homes are very dog friendly and we personalize each service to meet the needs of your dog. We have homes available that have other dogs, the same size and temperament as your dog, and we also have homes that have no other pets in case your dog prefers to be the only dog. Either way he will be showered with love and attention 24/7. We do not use cages. Although if you are crate training we will follow your training methods as per your request, you would just need to give us his crate to use. We also administer medicine at no extra cost. You can trust that with our experienced pet sitters, your dog or kitty will enjoy a little vacation away from home for himself! Just pack him an overnight bag with his food, treats, favorite toys, and anything else that will make him feel at home and leave the rest up to us!

Cat or Small Pet Visits

While they may not need a walk, cats need daytime care too! Our cat visits can include 30 minutes of feeding, play, litter box cleanup and general home care tailored specifically to your cat’s needs.

Cat Sitting

Cats especially hate when their routine changes. Thanks to Whiskers and Leo, it doesn’t have to change just because you’re gone! Choose from in-home pet sitting or cat boarding at one of our professional cat sitters’ homes. Your cat will receive daily care, attention and play.

In Home Overnight Pet Sitting

Let us come to you with in-home pet sitting services for dogs or cats. Our pet sitter typically visits around 5 to 6 p.m. for dinner and an evening walk, then returns around 8 to 9 p.m. to stay the night. Sitters can play, administer medication and just spend quality time with your pet when you are unable to.

Instead of relying on neighbors, roommates or family members for pet care, or putting your dog in a cage in a facility or a vets office, and wondering whether your cat or dog is getting the attention he deserves, try Whiskers and Leo in-home pet care. We tailor all of our services to your pet, taking into account his age, temperament, breed and daily routine.

Learn more about our Staten Island, NY pet services or contact us today to obtain a free quote for services, or to make your appointment for a free in home consultation to meet one of our pet sitters!