Annie Gould

Hello, my name is Annie. I’m married and I have two children who are just about grown. I also have a very lovable chocolate lab named Molly. I grew up with dogs and wanted the same for my own kids. I started working for Whiskers and Leo last year and I love it because I get to experience the joy of caring for your pets as well as getting fresh air and exercise for myself.

Melissa Cuonzo

Hi, My name is Melissa Cuonzo. I am married and a mother of 2 boys. We have 2 dogs, a puggle named Jessie and a rescue who is a German Shepard / lab mix named Grim. They are good with other pets. I have always loved pets and have had either a dog or cat my whole life! We have a nice yard and a good home to offer for boarding. I look forward to meeting new people and caring for your family member while you are away.

Christina Swiderski

Hello, I’m Christina. I am a married mother of two daughters… I have always loved animals but growing up could not have a pet since my mom had severe allergies…not that it stopped me from bringing home a kitten or stray dog now and then! In my own home, a rigorous schedule kept me from committing…a few years ago that changed and we adopted Riley from a rescue, he is what they called a “Heinz 57 varieties” mix. Abigail, a black lab, is a “working dog”…she joined our family last year when my husband started at his “dream job”. They work together protecting and serving the public mostly at the SI Ferry these days. They are a never ending source of joy and love…even when the big girl hogs the bed or the little man leaves his bone next to my bed in the dark!

I decided to join Nicole’s team at Whiskers & Leo because her ad said “perfect for stay at home moms and animal lovers”…I said “that’s me!” I cannot express how much working with so many beautiful dogs and cats has meant to me…I only wish I had started sooner!

I am gratified not only by the connection with my four-legged clients but by giving their owners a little peace of mind while they are out at work or relaxing on their vacations knowing they are in good hands. When your pets are in my care…they are treated like my own and as instructed by you.

Trisha Ratz

Hi, Im Trisha. I joined the Whiskers and Leo family as a pet sitter after using the company for my own pets and seeing the dedication Nicole and her team give to their clients. Now, I have been walking dogs and caring for cats for Whiskers and Leo for about 4 years. It is the best job I have ever had because I get to do what I do best, care for animals, every day! I am a rescue advocate, Pitbull supporter, pet sitter, and voice for my beloved pitbull Baby Girl. She is missed by everyone at Whiskers and Leo and her absence has left a hole in my heart. I feel that I am giving back in her memory by providing love and excellent care to all the pets I provide service to. This is a pic of me and my dog Bo. Luckily Bo shares me and lets me leave the house every day to walk other peoples dogs, and is hardly even jealous! I have owned animals my whole life- Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, but you name it, I love them all. My family and I treat our animals as if they are part of the family, and that is how I will treat your pet. I have so much love in my heart to give and nothing makes me feel better than to see an animal happy, well cared for, and loved. I will be your dog’s new friend that he or she can count on to be there for that much anticipated mid day potty break or game of fetch in the yard! The look on their faces when I come in for that walk makes my heart smile every time. I hope to meet you and your pet soon!

Caroline Lopez

Hi! My name is Caroline, and I am an animal N-U-T ! I’ve had pets all my life, mostly dogs and cats — but, you name it, I love them all! Affectionately referred to as “dog girl,” I am also known as “the crazy cat lady” – even though I (only) have 3, they say I’m well on my way! Being able to work for Whiskers and Leo is such a blessing! Animals are part of my heart and soul, and it brings me true peace when I’m with them. I love being able to provide love and care to the pets of other animal lovers like myself because I KNOW how important it is to leave your pets in good hands. I consider it an honor to be trusted with them, and I’m thankful every day for all my clients (human & animal alike), because it soothes my soul to be in the company of pets and the people who truly love them. I’ll go to the ends of the Earth and back to help take care of an animal! In fact, you may have seen me around: I’m the crazy one talking to the dog(s) on our walks — I mean really talking to them. (And, yes, they DO talk back!) And I’m proud to say that I’ve had the most timid of cats make (almost) instant friends with me! I guess you could call me the self-proclaimed “animal whisperer.” LOL In summary, I’d love to take care of your pet(s) and put your heart at ease that he/she/they are in the best of care! (Thank you, W & L, for giving me the awesome opportunity to meet so many new furry friends! I am forever grateful.) – Caroline (Doolittle) Lopez

Jenny Jacobs

Hello! My name is Jenny and I am blessed with 2 children and a loving husband. My love for all creatures large and small started when I was just a little tomboy playing with our many pets. As an adult I surrounded myself with animals and nature in jobs at an animal hospital and then as a Park Ranger for NYC. Once my children were born I began my journey as a mother to more than my beloved dog, Tex and cat, Katy. My pets have crossed the rainbow bridge but will always remain in my heart. I truly understand the bond and love forged for our pets that offer such unconditional companionship. It is a privilege to care for them when you are away and for a brief moment make my home theirs. My goal is to give you peace of mind knowing your pets are treated with love and respect.

Kathy Vairo

Hi I’m Kathy. I am a former law enforcement officer. My heart has always been with animals. I have owned all types of animals. Currently I have a German Shepherd, Noah. He’s my best friend, my protector, and my unconditional companion. I feel most alive when im with animals, taking care of them and bringing them love. I would be honored to take care of your pets. I thank god everyday for the opportunity to make a difference in pets lives.

Adele Nicosia-Distefano

Hi, I’m Adele Nicosia. I have a Masters Degree in Human Resources, and I am also a certified fitness trainer, but my true passion is animals! I am an official animal lover! I have owned and cared for pets my entire life. Without any animals in my house at this time, I look forward to caring for yours! I welcome you and your loving family member to my home.

Sonia Roberto

Hi! My name is Sonia. First I want to thank Nicole for letting me be part of Whiskers and Leo. I personally admire the work she does in helping animals. If only our Furry friends knew how lucky they are to have her on their side, as I am to be on her team. Ok, as for me, I have always loved animals. In my life time I’ve had all types of animals. From dog, cats, birds (one of my daughters actually kept one of the birds I rescued) lizards, etc. But, my biggest passion are dogs & cats. I know how precious a pet is to its owner, and to leave a pet with a stranger can be stressful on both sides. I try to understand the needs of every pet I care for because a dog is NOT just a dog and a cat is NOT just a cat, like some people would like to think. They are all so different, in personality, character and behavior, whether the same breed or not. I take the time to make my new arrivals feel comfortable by being patient with them, taking them for walks once their parents leave. I talk to them a lot, And YES! spoiling them a little by giving them a little spa treatment LOL! And before you know it my K-9, feline and I are bonding and becoming buddies which makes me feel great! I will keep you posted on your pet by, e-mail, texting or phoning, whatever I can do to make you feel free of worry. I can assure my clients, present and future that their babies, (yes babies, because that’s what we really consider them to be, I know I do.) While walking or boarding with me they are taken care of as my own. They are mine while you’re away and will receive the utmost care, love, and protection I can positively give. I would like to say to my present and future clients….THANK YOU! For entrusting your pets/babies to me. I look so forward to meeting with you and your precious ones.

Jane Smith

From early childhood, I’ve always had pets. First a goldfish and a turtle. Then a parakeet. I loved them, but what I really wanted was a dog. Every time we passed a fountain and my mom gave me a coin to make a wish, I’d ask for a dog. My wish came true when I was ten years old. I had to go into the hospital for surgery, and my parents didn’t want me to be upset and scared. They told me when I came home, I could have a dog. It worked, and they kept their promise. Fifty years later, the only time I’ve been without a dog was in the dorms at college. Right now, I have two basset hounds, Fay and Mojo. Mojo is from basset hound rescue. I love all dogs, but there’s something about a basset hound. . . I’m a relative newcomer to the wonderful world of cats. My daughter was living off-campus at college, and she found a little black kitten. When she came home, Oliver came with her. It took a couple of days, but Oliver and the dogs made their peace. Then my daughter found tiny Sebastian. After some begging and pleading with her father, he was invited to stay. That was four years ago. Sebastian and Oliver continue to delight us with their wrestling and other antics. I love working as a pet sitter. It just doesn’t feel like work!

Stacy Chiu

Hello, I’m Stacy Chiu, mother of three beautiful children and lifelong lover of animals. As a girl, we always had pets from my mixed breed, Rags, to my cat, Brandi. Even with my hectic schedule, I’ve been pet-sitting since the birth of my oldest child. We have a great home with lots of room to spare. I’m excited to be a member of Whiskers and Leo, and I can’t wait to meet your special pet.

Mary Ann Romagnolo

Hi I am Mary Ann. I am Nicole’s mom. Everyone calls me “Grandma” and I am proud of that. I have earned the title! I am retired and enjoying life. I spend a lot of time taking care of my granddaughter during the week while my daughter is running Whiskers and Leo. I started working for Nicole a few years ago and I absolutely love it. I board small dogs at my home. We go on walks, play fetch in the yard, and the best part is I am always home. The dogs I care for are never lonely around here. We also have 2 dogs, a 12lb terrier, a 15lb Shih-tzu, and a very friendly cat. We really enjoy the dogs that come and stay with us! You can go away with peace of mind that your dog is in the best hands while left in the care of Whiskers and leo.

Nina McHale

Hi, I’m Nina McHale and I am married to my college sweetheart. I am a Holistic Health Coach and a huge animal lover. I have had cats and dogs since I was a child and I’ve always been a bit curious about people that don’t like animals, but I absolutely trust a dog if he doesn’t like a human! They have the best judgement of human character! I work from home which gives me the time to devote my attention to your beloved family member. In our household your pet will be treated like one of our own, just ask Molly. (Molly is actually fellow pet sitter Annie Gould’s dog and a frequent honored guest in our home). While I have the energy to keep up with an active pet, I also have the patience to care for the senior pet. Our home is full of love to give to your dog or cat while you are away. I also provide dog walking and cat visit services.

Cathy LaPlant

Hi my name is Cathy La Plant. I have been rescuing animals since I am 15 years old. For most of my life I have owned cats, at one time I was referred to as the “cat lady” because I had 13. Yet I have rescued all types of animals, from Pigeons to squirrels and even once a rat. I have owned cats, dogs, hamsters and rabbits and my animals have always been a very large part of my life. In recent years I rescued three dogs. My dogs have made my family complete. 5.5 years ago I founded the Tommy Monahan Group, named for my sons friend who died in a fire trying to rescue his Yorkie, Tommy loved animals. Since I founded this organization it has been my passion to keep Tommy’s memory alive by helping different shelters every year place animals through my network and to assist them in raising funds to help save more animals. Animals have always been my passion, my love. Now I own, I rescue and I can now begin to help care for them by working with Whiskers and Leo. COMPLETE!

Scott Ferretti

Hello my name is Scott. I am a retired police officer of the NYPD. I have two kids ages 15 and 12 who stay with me a couple of days a week. I am an animal lover. I’ve had dogs my whole life. My four dogs that I raised still live in my previous home, so I am available to board dogs in my home, and can especially cater to the ones who might need a home that has no other pets. I am happy to offer that one on one attention that many dogs and dog owners are looking for. I love all breeds. I will give your dogs lots of love, care, and exercise with long walks. Your fur baby will be treated like family. I am so happy to be a part of the Whiskers and Leo family. I am also available for dogs walks either daily or for random requests.

Trisha Valluzzi

Hello, my name is Trisha. I am a dog enthusiast and animal lover! While growing up as a child I was always surrounded by pets at home. Just like me, my two children also enjoy the benefits of having a pet. Our newest adopted family member is named Mia. Mia is a warm and playful Llapsa Apsa Maltese mix breed puppy. Mia is quite friendly and gets along with all dogs very well. Caring for animals is my passion and makes me feel good. Unlike other jobs, being a part of the family at Whiskers and Leo, I have found a home where I can share my enthusiasm for animals. The pets I care for become a part of my family and I would not have it any other way.